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Project Description

JsAction is a simple and lightweight RouteHandler for ASP.NET MVC that will generate automatic jQuery based Javascript and provide a direct way to call MVC Action Methods using a single data annotation.
You will no longer have to write custom ajax calls to retrieve data, but just use this library.

0.6 is slowly taking form. I'm not dead! I changed my job recently and had some healt issues. Now i fell really better and have a brand new laptop. I can work on it now!

JsAction 0.5.x Release notes
Please be sure to read them since this version introduces a breaking change!
The documentation has been already updated to match with latest version.
WebApi support aviable!
nuGet page

1) Mark your method with JsActionAttribute

2) Call it directly from JavaScript with FULL intellisense support!!

qUnit tested:

Can't wait to use it? Jump to download page, or checkout the documentation for quick use guide.

Request #1: If you like this project please make an entry about it in your blog (and let me know!). The more people who use it the better it gets.

Request #2: 
If you ever find yourself thinking "I wish this API allowed me to do 'this' easier", please let me know about it. There's only so many scenarios I can think of for using this API. I'm very interested in how people work, how they use this API, and what can be done to make your life easier.You can find other informations about me on my linkedIn profile:

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