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JsActionScript is Missing in Action???


OK... same thing happens with the "JsActionTest" project.... what I did:
downloaded the like, run in VS, I get the message box with the value displayed, as expected... this is all fine, and I have this working the same in my own test project... to see what the issue i mentioned is: in the HomeController.cs add a new view e.g. "About"
    public ActionResult About()
        return View();
Then Added the the view into the Views Folder ../Views/About.cshtml then in the ../Views/Home.cshtml add an @ActionLink("About" "About", "Home");
all stock-standard MVC3 stuff... Now... run the project.... you will get the message box to display the JsAction Method value as before/expected... now the issue I get is when i click the new link to goto the About View/Page this is when the i get the json returned in the browser for the JsAction var.. e.g
var JsActions = {MyTestMethod:function(a,b,options){var opts = {url:"/Home/MyTestMethod",type: "GET",data:{a:a,b:b}};$.extend(opts,options); return $.ajax(opts);}}
So I assume is a Routing Issue of some kind Thanks David
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XVincentX wrote Nov 27, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Issue solved in 0.1.1 release.

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